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While data deletion software may be able to make your data harder to recover, only secure data wiping can properly erase a hard drive. Off-site data wiping is the hands-off solution to hard drive data destruction, and every job receives a mandatory Certificate of Destruction.

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Hard Drive Data Wiping

Many software solutions claim that they can complete the task, but in reality, only a licensed and NAID-certified data destruction company can truly perform hard drive data wiping, especially to the standard required by law.

Secure Data Deletion Software

Multiple options exist if you need secure data deletion software, and many of the programs are free. Free software is ideal if you need to wipe the data off a hard drive to continue using it in-house.

On-Site Data Wiping

When you need the peace of mind that comes from a professional hard drive wiping service but are concerned about chain of custody issues, choose on-site data wiping. We come to you, and your hard drives will never leave your sight.
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Hard Drive Degaussing

Degaussing is a method of hard drive erasure that uses a demagnetizing process to render the hard drive unusable. Hard drives are generally still usable after hard drive degaussing, and can safely be reused in-house.

In the fight against clutter, many companies understandably wish to recycle or dispose of their unwanted hard drives. Yet companies have ethical responsibilities towards their customers which demand that sensitive information is treated with due care. Simply deleting the files off a hard drive and then disposing of it would be a breach of your obligations. Off-site data wiping is the ideal solution to the problem: a hands-off approach to data destruction that ticks all the boxes.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

Why Data Deletion Is Not Enough

Many people are under the assumption that deleting files and then emptying the Recycle Bin means that the files are permanently gone. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, deleting a file doesn’t actually move the data anywhere, it simply “hides” it from the operating system. When the data is no longer indexed, it doesn’t show up in system searches and appears as if it no longer exists. However, even an amateur hacker can use free software to recover deleted files.

Data Deletion Software Is Better, But Not Best

It’s perfectly true that there are several secure data deletion software solutions that can wipe data from your hard drive. And while many of the software options available today – some of which are completely free – will certainly do a better job than simple data deletion, they are far from foolproof. Other software exists that can counteract the effects of data deletion software, and dedicated hackers will have no trouble in recovering information from hard drives that have not been effectively wiped.

Unfortunately, data recovery software is as readily available as data deletion software, and hackers who are intent on gaining access to your company’s or your clients’ sensitive information will stop at nothing to recover the data.

There Is A Better Way: Data Wiping

Here at Data Destruction Corporation, we offer a solution that is head and shoulders above any data deletion software. Since we are licensed and NAID certified, our hard drive wiping solutions indemnity your business against any potential lawsuit that could otherwise have arisen. We issue a mandatory Certificate of Destruction with every off-site data wiping job – just as we do with on-site data wiping – which is all the proof you need to show that you take your data destruction responsibilities seriously, and that you have done everything in your power to keep confidential information under your care perfectly safe.

DoD Specifications

The Department of Defense (DoD) regulates the minimum standards required for a secure data wipe. While, according to Search Security, it was held by the U.S. National Security Agency in 2004 that a single overwrite using DoD 5220.22-M compliant software was sufficient to make data unrecoverable, the DoD 5220.22-M (8-306. /E) notes that a three-pass overwrite is preferred to render information formerly contained on a hard drive truly impossible to recover.

Not only do we offer three-pass overwrite, but we also offer seven-pass overwrite, which according to DoD 5220.22-M (8-306. /E, C & E), is only required for the most sensitive of information.

Our mobile destruction service uses DoD standard hard drive wiping as an off-site data erasure method. Check out our competitive pricing on mobile hard drive destruction.

The Convenience of Off-Site Data Wiping

Off-site data wiping is the ultimate in convenience. If you choose, you can drop off your hard drives at our secure facility at your convenience, and our trained technicians will take care of the job as soon as possible. Alternatively, if it is more convenient for you, you can set a time for our crew members to attend at your workplace and collect your hard drives, ready for data wiping.

And you’ll have no reason to worry about the safety of your hard drives, as our technicians will arrive in secure trucks and, once collected from you, will immediately store your equipment in locked storage containers. Everything happens under strict supervision, and whichever method you choose, you will still receive your mandatory Certificate of Destruction after every data wiping job has been completed.

More more information on the process involved in off-site data wiping or to arrange secure collection of your equipment, contact us today.