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Secure Paper Shredding

Data destruction Corporation is your one-stop provider of paper shredding services. Professional, qualified staff eradicate your documents effectively – tax documents, confidential records, personal identity documents and private medical records. We do it all.

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One Time Paper Shredding - DD

One-Time Paper Shredding

Got a load of sensitive documents you need gone? We handle one-time orders for secure document shredding for all your excess confidential papers.
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Ongoing Paper Shredding Pickups

Large corporations trust us to regularly destroy and recycle sensitive paper waste and perform secure data destruction of documents.
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Witnessed On-Site Paper Shredding

We offer witnessed destruction of your confidential documents. Our specialized shredding trucks visit your location and destroy your inventory while you watch.
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Off-Site Document Shredding

Experience the convenience of off-site document shredding. We take the mess, and the risk, away from your business so you can do what you do best.

On and Off-Site Paper Shredding Service

Whether you run a small business or lead a department within a large corporation, you deal with confidential information that needs paper shredding to keep criminals at bay.

Customer Social Security numbers and passwords required to access financial accounts appeal to thieves that want to exploit poorly operated data security systems. And since the average office worker goes through more than 10,000 sheets of paper every year, small businesses and large corporations must rely on an experienced paper shredding company to secure highly sensitive data.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

The Cost of Inadequate Records Management

Think about this scenario: A customer leaves your business after paying for a product or service by using a credit card. Barely a few seconds pass, and you toss the copy of the credit card transaction into a trash bin.

Moments later, one of your employees dumps the trash bin into the large receptacle that your business shares with other businesses located in the strip mall. The company that dumps the large trash receptacle does not service the strip mall for a few days. An identity thief knows the trash removal company’s schedule and immediately pounces on the opportunity to steal the credit card information provided by your customer.

Inadequate records management by your company has resulted in an identity theft, which could have been easily prevented with a data shredding service.

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Data Destruction Protects Your Reputation

Most businesses reserve a spot for Goodwill on balance sheets. Although the term Goodwill does not have a concrete meaning, it does heavily influence the asset side of your business.

If a criminal steals confidential information from your business because your business does not shred paperwork, you can expect any goodwill of your business to disappear quickly.

We provide paper shredding services that protect your professional reputation. From high-powered law firms to independent grocery stores, Data Destruction Corporation ensures you never take a credibility hit because of poor records management.

Here are some other reasons to hire us to handle your paper shredding needs:

  • Reduce the costs of storing information
  • Save time by eliminating the need for filing and maintaining paperwork
  • Ensure compliance with state, federal, and industry record-keeping regulations

The Paper Shredding Specialists for All Organizations

We have grown into a paper shredding business that serves all types of organizations. We handle small paper shredding jobs, such as destroying sensitive customer account information for a personal financial manager. Data Destruction Corporation also has the capability to perform large-scale document destruction projects, such as the jobs requested by multinational corporations and federal government departments.

We specialize in providing secure paper shredding services for the following industries:

  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Government
  • Department of Defense
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting

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On-site and Off-site Document Destruction Services

Data destruction offers one-time and regularly scheduled paper shredding services that we perform either on-site or off-site. Every one of our document destruction services follows a strict Chain-of-Custody process that ensures your confidential information never reaches the hands of thieves.

For on-site paper shredding, we perform our services at times when your office is closed or during off-peak business hours.

Off-site document shredding allows your business to operate uninterrupted.

Before you commit to a paper shredding service, our team of experienced data security professionals explains each of the options we offer for our customers.

Do not put off securing your confidential information. Contact us today for a FREE quote to protect your hard-earned reputation.

What ways should a hard drive never be destroyed?

There are a few ways that are very dangerous to try and do yourself. This is yet another reason you should leave hard drive destruction to the pros!

For your safety, you should never attempt hard drive destruction by:

  • Hitting it with a hammer – Some platters are made of glass, glass that can fly every direction as well as bits of metal
  • Blow torch – We’ve already mentioned avoiding setting it on fire because of toxic fumes, but it bears repeating. You should never take a blow torch or any type of fire to a hard drive.
  • Throwing it into a lake – Not only will this not cause hard drive destruction, but it’s also bad for the environment. Don’t litter and take your hard drives to the professionals.
  • Stockpile – Don’t leave unused computers and hard drives simply laying around. Any type of information like this remains vulnerable to people who may want to steal it.

Professional Paper Shredding Services

According to Federal laws, every company collecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and maintaining it for business operations is responsible for safely disposing of it once it is no longer needed. To remain compliant with the regulations laid down by The National Association for Information Destruction, or NAID, you need a secure document shredding service that uses efficient methods for destroying sensitive documents. At Data Destruction, we offer onsite and offsite shredding services. Later, we recycle the remains after reducing them to an indecipherable pulp. Depending on the sensitive nature of the documents and your instructions, we can also pulverize, incinerate, or disintegrate them so that they’re reduced to fragments less than one square centimeter.

Secure Paper Shredding FAQs

Hard drives are hardware on your computer or laptop that stores all of your digital content. Any programs, applications, operating systems, pictures, documents, videos, and music that you save to your computer are stored there. The hard drive on your computer is where a lot of personal, identifying data is stored. Whether your hard drive is used for work or personal business, it’s always a good idea to employ the services of a professional hard drive destruction operation to safely and destroy your hard drive.

The hard drive in your computer acts a bit like a record player. Data is stored on a platter, often made of glass or aluminum, that looks a lot like a CD. The platter is centered over a spindle that controls the rotation of it and an electronic head reads and writes data as it spins. Other electronic components control the operation of the entire hard drive.

While it might seem as if it’s a good way to ruin electronic equipment, you cannot destroy the information on a hard drive and deem it unusable if you submerge it in water. Why is that? Well, the water will short circuit the electrical components of the hard drive, but the data will remain. You can easily wipe the water off the hard drive and access the information still contained on it. The only way to ensure your information is protected is to use one of the methods we’ve outlined above.

Unfortunately, saltwater is the same as regular water – it will not wipe the information from your hard drive. You’re better off using approved disposal techniques to protect your data.

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t place magnets anywhere near hard drives. While it is true that a hard drive can be destroyed by a magnet, the magnets from your refrigerator will not do the trick and erase the data contained on a hard drive. The magnets used to destroy hard drives (and CDs and DVDs) are very powerful. So powerful that it’s not advised you use one if you’re not a professional. So depending on a household magnet to wipe your information off of a hard drive simply isn’t going to work.

The simple answer to this question is no. While bleach can damage the hard drive just as any other type of liquid would, it will not harm the data on the disc itself. Bleach also doesn’t wipe away magnetic patterns and does not affect the glass or metal of the hard drive. It’s dangerous and not an effective method, so save the bleach for your laundry.

You’re better off reformatting a hard drive than simply erasing the files, but formatting will not erase the data contained on the hard drive, it simply erases the address tables. While this can make it much more difficult to recover files on a hard drive, it doesn’t make it impossible – especially if it were to fall into the hands of someone who knew what they were doing. Don’t take chances with reformatting, have your hard drive destroyed to protect your information.

No doubt you can read about a lot of hard drive destruction methods online, but not all of them work. Your best bet is to have your hard drive destroyed by a professional. However, if you want to make sure a hard drive is unrecoverable, then the platters of the hard drive must be unspinnable. You should never burn a hard drive (it has a lot of toxic chemicals) or use chemicals on it that can release toxic fumes. The best bet for DIY hard drive destruction is to drill through the platters, perhaps pounding in some nails to help make sure it’s good and destroyed.

No. Hard drives that you crack open to get to the platters aren’t toxic (unless you burn them!) but you do need to be careful of the magnets from the hard discs. If you were to pinch your hand or finger in between them, they could cut or pinch you.

Professional Shredding Companies: We Don’t Fool Around

When you think of shredding companies, it’s easy for a chaotic scene to pop into your mind. Perhaps you’re imagining paper flying everywhere and crazed people running out-of-control shredding machines, like the crazy scene from the Jim Carrey movie Fun with Dick and Jane.

Luckily, professional shredding companies – like any other expert at the top of their industry – know exactly what they’re doing. When you choose on site shredding from a mobile shredding service, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that trained professionals will attend at your workplace, at a time and date that suits your schedule and your business’s operating hours.

There will be no chaos or unhinged people shoving bundles of paper into overheating shredders – just professionals disposing of your confidential documents and sensitive paperwork with the utmost care.

With more than 15 million consumers being the victim of identity theft in 2016 in the United States alone, and identity theft-related losses totaling more than $16 billion for the year, it has never been more important to take care of your client’s confidential information in the ethical way. Leave nothing to chance, and enlist the help of professional document shredding companies to dispose of your classified paperwork in the right way.