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Paper Shredding

Looking for paper shredding services? Look no further! Get one-time paper shredding for that last-minute compliance inspection, or just get on top of your data management. Tax documents, confidential records, personal identity documents and private medical records – we destroy it all!

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Paper Shredding - DD

PAPER shredding

With state-of-the-art certified document shredding, we can handle one-time orders, recurring orders, and bulk cleanup of confidential papers and documents.
Ongoing Paper Shredding Pickups - DD

Ongoing Paper Shredding Pickups

With our regular document pickup service, we can destroy and recycle your sensitive paper waste according to a tight schedule, so you don't have to!
Witnessed Document Shredding - DD

Witnessed On-Site Paper Shredding

Witnessed on-site paper shredding is an ideal way to obtain full chain of custody over the destruction of your confidential documents.
Offsite Document Shredding - DD

Off-Site Document Shredding

With off-site document shredding, we take care of the mess, the risk, and the hassle of physical data destruction. Leave it to us so you can do what you do best.

On and Off-Site One Time Paper Shredding Service

For less than your office spends on coffee each month, you can prevent criminals from obtaining confidential business information with our one-time paper shredding service.

Data Destruction has earned the reputation for offering the best secure document destruction services for a wide variety of businesses. We tailor each secure data destruction project to meet the challenges faced by both small businesses and large corporations.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

Secure Document Destruction: Are You At Risk?

The digital era has not eliminated paperwork from the office. In fact, each office worker throughout the United States uses more than 10,000 sheets of paper annually. From customer account data to copyright proposals, far too many businesses toss paperwork into trashcans. Throwing away more than 10,000 sheets of paper per year provides criminals with a fertile source of confidential data that they turn into identity theft and financial fraud schemes.


One Time Paper Shredding Services

Some of our customers only need secure document destruction service performed one time. The secure data destruction services performed by Data Destruction Corporation works best for customers that have countless documents to destroy. We offer easy to plan, on-demand scheduling of your secure document destruction services. Our team of business information security professionals implement bar code scanning, as part of our Secure Chain of Custody program.

After we complete a one-time secure data destruction project, we issue a Certificate of Destruction that not only guarantees that we have destroyed all of the confidential information listed in your audit, but that we also recycled the paperwork to enhance the environment.

We Offer Recurring Paper Shredding Too

Data Destruction can perform regular, ongoing paper shredding pickups. Our monthly and quarterly plans keep you on top of preventing financial fraud and identity theft. We offer on-site and off-site secure paper shredding services to meet your needs.

Off-site secure data destruction allows you and your team of business professionals to work uninterrupted. We recommend offsite secure data destruction for customers that have a massive amount of documents to destroy. Our team arrives at your business, loads the documents into secure storage bins, and moves the documents to one of our data destruction facilities in secured trucks.

Corporate Data Destruction Services

We have designed our secure one-time paper shredding services to meet the needs of large corporations. As the leader in destroying confidential corporate data, we provide customized solutions for handling sensitive corporate information.

Here are some of the benefits corporations enjoy by enlisting our secure data document services:

  • Cost Savings
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Timely Management Reports
  • Central Communications Center