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Witnessed On-Site
Paper Shredding

Our witnessed on-site paper shredding service is a secure, cost effective witnessed paper shredding service for residents across the United States. With world-class equipment and professional certification from NAID, DOD, and HIPAA, trust us to take care of your document destruction needs.

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Paper Shredding - DD

PAPER Shredding

Our state-of-the-art on-site document shredding facility is supported by a fleet of custom trucks specializing in fast, secure destruction of paper off-site.
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Ongoing Paper Shredding Pickups

Need a regular document pickup service? We have flexible schedules that work with you. See how our ongoing pickup service can make business a breeze.
One Time Paper Shredding - DD

One-Time Paper Shredding

The one-time paper shredding option is an ideal way to quickly and securely destroy any sensitive documents in your office. No contracts. No commitments. Permanent destruction.
Offsite Document Shredding - DD

Off-Site Document Shredding

With off-site document shredding, we take care of the mess, the risk, and the hassle of physical data destruction. Leave it to us so you can do what you do best.

Witnessed On-Site Paper Shredding Service

Data Destruction Corporation offers witnessed on-site paper shredding services to clients across the U.S. We typically recommend our highly rated onsite paper shredding service for businesses that require frequent shredding of confidential documents. Our on-site witnessed paper shredding option represents the best option for businesses that require an extra level of security – especially for the destruction of copyright and royalty generated documents.

Moreover, on-site document destruction saves you money by eliminating the costs of document transportation, which includes paying for renting trucks and consuming fuel.

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The Witnessed On-Site Paper Shredding Process

We have created an efficient on-site secure paper shredding process that protects your most confidential business information.

First, our team of data destruction professionals stores your documents in secure bins that only we can access. And to ensure your security, we work with your designated witness, or can supply a fully qualified witness of our own, to oversee the process.

Then, our mobile paper shredding truck arrives to unload all of the equipment required to shred the documents in a timely manner. We shred the vital business documents on-site in areas that do not disrupt the operations of our customers.

Our NAID AAA certified professionals handle all of your paper shredding needs by offering monthly and quarterly paper shredding services. Your business receives a certification of destruction to give you peace of mind.

We efficiently shred:

  • Tax Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Policies and Reports
  • Checks and Receipts
  • Financial Documents
  • Paper Needing Recycling
  • Personal and confidential information

Your Reputation Matters

Your business takes a hard hit, whenever any confidential customer information gets in the wrong hands. From bank account numbers to social security information, you cannot afford to lose the trust of your loyal customers because of a security breach.

None of the locks and safes in the world ensures document security. You must enlist the services of a qualified team of data destruction experts to help protect your reputation. Shredding confidential information also saves your business money by reducing the amount of paperwork your hard working team has to manage. Data Destruction recommends onsite paper shredding to stay compliant with state and federal regulations.

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We constantly upgrade our paper shredding equipment to provide an efficient, environmentally friendly service. And the latest technology in paper shredding shreds papers that still have paper clips or other types of bindings. All you have to do is direct us to the paperwork and we handle the rest of the paper shredding job.

We offer complete on-site paper shredding and secure off-site document shredding services conducted by highly trained professionals that operate advanced data destruction equipment. And we provide documented chain of custody to establish accountability for handling important business information.

Keep your most important business information out of the hands of criminals by contacting us today.