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It’s true that certain software solutions can erase information contained on a hard drive, yet determined hackers will still usually be able to recover the information. When security is a concern, choose on-site data wiping to irreversibly erase a hard drive.

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Hard Drive Data Wiping

Hard drive data wiping should only be trusted to a data destruction company that is NAID-certified and which operates to the highest industry standards. Never trust your company's sensitive data to anyone else.

Secure Data Deletion Software

When all you need is to securely erase the data from a hard drive and you plan to continue using the device within your company, free secure data deletion software can be the ideal solution.

Off-Site Data Wiping

Off-site data wiping is the ideal solution for companies who need hard drives erased, and who don't have the time to micro-manage the task. We will collect the equipment from you and return with a Certificate of Destruction.
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Hard Drive Degaussing

When a hard drive or other magnetic device is demagnetized, this process is referred to as degaussing. Hard drive degaussing in particular safely erases all data from the hard drive, yet leaves the equipment stable enough to reuse.

Most people know that it is insufficient to simply format a hard drive or manually delete the files before disposing of the hard drive. Even popular, and oftentimes free, secure data deletion software can be overcome by a dedicated hacker. As such, data wiping by a certified data destruction company must be utilized before hard drives can be disposed of. On-site data wiping is the perfect solution to the problem.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

It’s Not Enough To Delete

Do you remember the old days, when computer use was still relatively new and certainly far from the mainstream business practice that it is today, when you would rue the day when you accidentally deleted the wrong file and then emptied your Recycle Bin? The general consensus back then was that the data was gone forever.

Today, though, data recovery software is more advanced, and hackers have become cleverer and much more determined. Recovering a deleted file is a child’s play, and even secure data deletion software can be overcome with the right mix of equipment and technological know-how.

What, then, is the ethical and legal way to erase a hard drive while protecting your clients’ and your company’s sensitive information? The answer is data wiping by a certified data destruction company.

Concerns About Chain Of Custody

It’s perfectly understandable: the idea of having all your hard drives wiped and ready to use again sounds amazing. But in the back of your mind, you’re concerned about chain of custody. What if the data destruction company isn’t who they say they are? What if the company is fine but the person who knocks on the door is an impostor and walks away with my hard drives loaded with sensitive data?

We understand. Building a relationship of trust takes time, and you would be wise to not be too quick to hand over a stack of hard drives, brimming with your clients’ personal data, to just anyone.

Breathe Easy With On-Site Data Wiping

To alleviate these common and perfectly understandable concerns, we offer on-site data wiping. Our highly-trained and security-vetted personnel will attend at your workplace, at a time and day that suits you, and will attend to the data destruction task in your full view. Your hard drives will stay in your offices at all times, and everything we do will be completed in front of you.

When we’re finished, we’ll issue a mandatory Certificate of Destruction on the spot. On-site data wiping provides all the benefits of certified, industry-standard disk wipe services, without causing you any inconvenience or chain of custody concerns.

Alternatively, we offer off-site data wiping with all the benefits of on-site data wiping, except a more hands-off approach for you. If you choose, we can collect your hard drives in locked storage containers and transport them to our facility in secure trucks, or you are welcome to drop off the equipment directly to our facility at your convenience.

Compliance With DoD Standards

The Department of Defense (DoD) has strict standards when it comes to wiping data from hard drives and other equipment. Search Security reported that a decision was made in 2004 by the U.S. National Security Agency that an overwrite using software compliant with the DoD standard 5220.22-M was enough to render the data unrecoverable. However, DoD 5220.22-M (8-306. /E) states that a three-pass overwrite is a preferable way of completely eliminating all data on a hard drive or other devices.

At Data Destruction Corporation, not only do we routinely use three-pass overwrites, but we also offer seven-pass overwrites, which is typically only required for the most sensitive of information (DoD 5220.22-M (8-306. /E, C & E)).

To find out more about on-site data wiping or to arrange an appointment, contact us today. Our trained staff is ready to answer all of your questions and alleviate any of your concerns. To find out more about how to securely wipe a hard drive, check out our blog.