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With certified equipment destruction, your unwanted equipment will never be used again. Keep control of your unwanted equipment and maintain compliance with your company’s data destruction policy by using data destruction companies who provide a data destruction certificate on completion.

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Recalled Product Destruction

When products have been recalled, they need to be destroyed. Recalled product destruction ensures that your recalled products don't end up in the wrong hands, or being resold or repurposed by anyone else.
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Overstock Product Destruction

You've over-ordered or miscalculated the amount of stock required, and now you need to dispose of your excess stock. Choosing overstock product destruction by a certified data destruction company is the only safe solution.
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Returned Product Destruction

For whatever reason, products have been returned. Now is the time to ensure that those returned products are disposed of properly and completely. Choose returned product destruction to protect your products: and your reputation.
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Classified Equipment Destruction

Your classified equipment should be protected just as much as your trade secrets. Anything less than classified equipment destruction is as good as delivering trade secrets straight into the hands of the competition.

What happens to your products or equipment when they are returned? What if a piece of equipment has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced? Or worse, what if an entire batch of products are defective? That’s when you need certified equipment destruction. Read on and find out why.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

When equipment is returned or otherwise unsuitable for sale, your next moves are of critical importance. If the faults were caused by the manufacturer, then you should have a good chance of getting a refund or credit in exchange for the faulty equipment. But what should you do with the unwanted equipment itself?

That’s Where Certified Equipment Destruction Comes In

Unwanted, faulty, or otherwise unusable equipment must be disposed of properly. It is not enough to simply throw it away or recycle it, as this could have disastrous consequences for your company.

You may be complying with your company’s data destruction policy when it comes to paper shredding and hard drive data wiping, but keep in mind that there are other data destruction services that are equally as important to your company.

Don’t Have a Destruction Facility Nearby? We Come to You!

We offer a fully-certified mobile hard drive destruction service that ensures your hardware is securely disposed of. Our state-of-the-art off-site facility uses the latest DOD standards and custom made shredding machines to process large quantities of sensitive IT equipment effortlessly. Check out our competitive hard drive shred pricing.

When Unwanted Equipment Isn’t Disposed Of Properly

If you choose to go against your data destruction policy and dispose of your excess, unwanted, returned, or obsolete equipment without using the services of one of the top data destruction companies, the effects on your company could be long-lasting and extremely detrimental.

General trash typically ends up as landfill, and there are many people who make a living out of scavenging in trash dumps, looking for unwanted treasures. Imagine if one such bargain-hunter came across a crate or pallet of your company’s defective equipment?

Many equipment defects are not immediately obvious, and other defects can be temporarily repaired or glossed over with a short-term fix or a coat of paint. Your unwanted equipment could easily then be resold, completely without your knowledge or approval, to unsuspecting customers who have no idea that they are not buying genuine equipment.

You Don’t Want Customers Dealing With Your ‘Seconds’

Unsuspecting customers who have unwittingly bought your disposed of equipment will have paid good money for what they believe to be a genuine product. Imagine their anger then, when they realize that the equipment they have purchased is faulty.

The on-seller will most likely direct their queries and complaints directly to you, the company behind the brand name, and you’ll be left dealing with furious customers who believed they were purchasing genuine stock. They will have no valid warranty and no proper recourse with you, but it’s not a good idea to tell them that! It will only add to their anger.

If It Happened To Canon, It Could Happen To You

In fact, Canon USA is involved in an ongoing lawsuit regarding the rebadging and resale of their own factory seconds, according to Photography Bay.

As part of their lawsuit, Canon are suing for their costs involved with servicing these “gray market products,” since consumers who bought the re-badged yet defective Canon products believed that they were purchasing genuine Canon equipment, and understandably went directly to Canon when the product proved defective.

In short, no company wants their customers to deal with their factory seconds, or any kind of defective or unsalable equipment.

Thankfully, there is a simple way of disposing of your defective equipment that leaves absolutely no risk that the equipment could later be repurposed or resold without your knowledge.

Just Another Aspect Of Your Data Destruction Policy

Certified equipment destruction from one of the top licensed and certified data destruction companies should be just another aspect of your company’s data destruction policy. By only dealing with data destruction companies that provide a data destruction certificate upon completion of the job, you’ll know that you have taken every measure to ensure the sanctity of your company’s unwanted equipment.

Only absolute data destruction will do when it comes to protecting the reputation and goodwill of your company. If the thought of unwitting customers inadvertently buying your company’s factory seconds or other defective equipment fills you with dread, take the prudent step and dispose of your unsalable equipment properly with certified equipment destruction.

To discuss our secure certified equipment destruction services and to find out more about how we can take your excess equipment off your hands and replace it with a data destruction certificate, contact us at Data Destruction Corporation today.