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Secure document destruction to protect confidential information. From paper shredding, document shredding, and confidential document destruction, Data Destruction Corporation provides easy, cost-effective solutions to help you ensure compliance with your document destruction policy.

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Hard Drive Data Wiping

Leave nothing to chance with hard drive data wiping services. With a Certificate of Destruction guaranteed with every job, your hard drives will be completely cleared and ready for disposal or recycling.
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Paper Shredding

Paper shredding reduces your piles of unwanted paper into an indecipherable stack of confetti. For confidential document destruction you can see, choose paper shredding for your paper disposal needs.
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Hard Drive Shredding

If you thought it was satisfying watching paper shredding, hard drive shredding is another experience altogether. Our industry-standard shredders take care of your unwanted hard drives like you wouldn't believe.
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Certified Equipment Destruction

Certain equipment requires specialized machinery for destruction, and we can handle it all. We also provide a Certificate of Destruction with every equipment destruction job.

Secure Document Destruction is a Vital Service

Do you deal with secure information? Do you have a secure document destruction policy? Does your business know how to protect confidential information in the right way?

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

You may not keep your clients’ bank statements or credit card details (or maybe you do!), but it is almost a given that your business handles sensitive information to some extent. And it is particularly important to note that, whatever nature of confidential information your business stores, there are people who would give anything to have access to it.

Whether it’s telemarketers who intend to annoy your clients at dinnertime, or people with more sinister motives like identity theft, there are a host of people who would love to get their hands on your business’s confidential information.

After all, Bankrate reported on 2016 statistics from Javelin Strategy & Research which indicated that 41 million adults in the United States alone have had their identities stolen. Among its top tips to avoid becoming victim to identity theft, Bankrate advised people to regularly shred “unnecessary documents containing sensitive information.”

Earning Your Clients’ Trust

Your clients entrust their sensitive information to you. And – whether they verbalize it or not – they assume that you have an effective document destruction policy to ensure that their information is protected.

Your clients are perfectly justified in this assumption. After all, when you provide your personal contact details and medical insurance information to a hospital or health care provider, you make the assumption that they have a secure document destruction policy. And when you provide your financial information to a car dealership to arrange finance for a new vehicle, you automatically make the assumption that the dealership will keep your personal data under lock and key, and will make use of document shredding when your information is no longer needed.

Protect Confidential Information with Paper Shredding

Paper shredding is an obvious solution when it comes to properly disposing of confirmation paperwork. By definition, document shredding reduces a bundle of paper into millions of tiny strips, each indecipherable and unable to be reconstructed.

As far as secure document destruction goes, paper shredding is as secure as incineration, but without any of the risks or dangers to the environment. Our industry-standard shredders can handle documents of any size, weight, and thickness, and easily tear through staples, paperclips, and binders. Nothing is left to chance, and nothing will remain after you’ve chosen secure document destruction via paper shredding.

Convenient and Customizable

How involved do you want to be in the document destruction process? This is where we listen closely to you and cater our services towards your needs.

Some companies like to take a hand-on approach. For those people, we offer witnessed on-site paper shredding. We come to you, at a time that suits your staff and opening hours, and we shred your documents in full view. Nothing will happen outside of your vision, and we will hold ourselves completely accountable to you.

If you want to watch as we reduce your stacks of paper into a mountain of indecipherable confetti, that’s what we’ll do.

On the other hand, some people just want the job done. They’re happy to drop their paperwork off with us, and trust us to take care of the secure document destruction.

But before you wonder, “Where can I find document shredding near me?” remember that we’re also happy to collect your confidential paperwork directly from your place of business, and proceed with the off-site document shredding back at our warehouse.

We’ve Got Chain of Custody Issues Covered

We’re all about tightening up the chain of custody, so if you find it easier for us to collect your paperwork from you, at a time and location most convenient for you, your business will continue uninterrupted while your document destruction policy needs are met.

We adhere to a strict chain of custody process that holds us ultimately accountable for your confidential information, ensuring that it never even comes close to the wrong hands. This applies from the time it leaves your place of business until the time it comes out the other end of our industrial-strength shredders.

Tell Us How to Serve You

Confidential document destruction is a vital obligation of any business that deals with confidential information. While it’s your responsibility to have a document destruction policy in place, you can turn over every aspect of compliance with that policy to us.

On-site, off-site; in full view or tucked away in our warehouse: we offer options to suit every business. Contact us today to arrange a free quote and to discuss the document shredding arrangements that work best for you.