Mobile Hard Drive Destruction

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Mobile Hard Drive Destruction With Certificate of Destruction

When electronic devices with storage media reach the end of their useful life, you need a secure way to destroy the hard drive disks they contain and keep information secure – permanently.

We offer two levels of mobile hard drive destruction – to suit any budget – that both come with the guarantee that any confidential or sensitive information has been erased for good.

Hard Drive Wipe & hard drive shredding cost– Pricing Table

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The Cost of Hard Drive Shredding

3-Pass Hard Drive Data Wipe Cost

  • 5 hard drives or less – $99
  • 10 hard drives or less – $199
  • 25 hard drives or less – $299
  • 75 hard drives or less – $499
  • 100 hard drives or less – $599


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Destruction via Hard Drive Shredding Machine

  • 5 hard drives or less – $150
  • 10 hard drives or less – $250
  • 25 hard drives or less – $350
  • 75 hard drives or less – $575
  • 100 hard drives or less – $650

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All mobile hard drive shredding comes with a Certificate of Destruction.

More than 100 Hard Drives?

Call our hard drive destruction experts on (888) 528-2451 for a quote.

How Our Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Service Works

  1. We send you shipping boxes and labels for your order. We use a range of secure transport options based on your need:
    1. Smaller QTY: High quality transport boxes sealed with tamper evident security tape.
    2. Large QTY (50+): We organize wooden and bulk shipping solutions for bigger requests.
  2. You place your hard drives in the secure box and ship back to us.
  3. The secure shipping boxes will arrive to our facility and will be taken immediately into our secure clean room. You will receive an email alerting of its safe arrival and that the box was received untampered.
  4. Based on the amount and level of destruction the job should be done with 24-72 of its arrival to our facility.
  5. Our certified recycling facility completes the secure hard drive destruction process with environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of the remaining materials.
  6. Upon completion of the complete hard drive disposal procedure, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction via email.
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Bulk transport box.
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Secure tamper-evident packing for hard drives.

Our Hard Drive Destruction Methods, Explained

3-Pass Wipe with Certificate of Destruction

We use the DoD 5220.22-M standard for data eradication and sanitize all hard drives to prevent all possible recovery methods – including software and hardware. When complete, we conduct hard drive recycling in accordance with industry best practices.

Hard Drive Shredding with Certificate of Destruction

This is the most advanced data protection method available, as there is no possibility of data recovery when your drives are in minute pieces! Yes, your drives will be physically destroyed using our custom shredding machines, so data recovery is not an option. This is the ultimate data destruction method.

Choosing one of these two options is the best for our mobile hard drive destruction service. It is secure, economical, and comes with full tracking and indemnity. From our mobile shredding truck to your door, or via our trusted, secure transportation options, your hard drives are in safe hands at all times.

Data Destruction Corp. Takes Your Security Seriously

Protecting your confidential information is our top priority.

  • We use processes that are clearly defined and documented to international standards. These ensure that your data is secured with no means of recovery.
  • We use both internal and independent auditing with full reporting to provide transparency and accountability. Such measures provide confidence that adequate protection of privacy and reputation is achieved.
  • All hard drive destruction activities are monitored by CCTV in a facility that has monitored personnel access. This ensures maximum protection for all assets in our facility.
  • Our employees and contractors undertake background checks before being employed. We have specific security protocols which we put in place for every task in the destruction chain.