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Secure Off-Site
Document Shredding

Ensure the security of your data and integrity of your business with our secure off-site document shredding service. With witnessed paper shredding and the convenience of off-site service, you can rest at ease.

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Secure paper shredding at your facility while you watch, or conveniently off-site so you can continue with business as usual. We have the most advanced mobile document shredding system in the world.
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One-Time Paper SHREDDING

We understand that commitment may not fit your business, so we offer one-time paper shredding for fast, efficient pickup and destruction of your sensitive documents. Achieve absolute data destruction and protect your company.
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Ongoing Paper Shredding Pickups

If you need regular, scheduled document disposal, then our ongoing paper shredding service is for you. Place your data security on autopilot with our reliable, secure document pickups.
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Witnessed On-Site Paper Shreddin

If you need your personnel present to confirm secure document disposal, we can accommodate you too. Our witnessed on-site document shredding is ideal for organizations wanting that extra level of security.

Off-Site Document Shredding For Your Business

Secure off-site document shredding services offered by Data Destruction represent the most efficient and economical way to remove and destroy your confidential business data.

Think about it: Instead of trying to dodge a team of paper shredders inside of your office, we stay out of your way, performing off-site, secure paper shredding for your convenience. You never have to worry about loud shredding machine noises or the constant pounding of boxes against the walls and floor disrupting the flow of your busy workday.

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How Off-Site Document Shredding Works

You need to hire a document destruction team that understands records management. Data Destruction operates a team that has several decades of records management experience. We ensure all of your most sensitive data disappears forever. Our team of seasoned professionals implements an environmentally friendly off-site paper shredding system unmatched in the industry.

We dump all of the confidential documents into highly secure storage bins. Then, one or more of our secured trucks arrive to haul the bins away to our shredding facility. We shred all paperwork that you deem to be confidential and present you with a certificate of destruction that proves we handled your documents by following a consistent Chain-of-Custody system.

Data Destruction guarantees the following:

  • Complete destruction of business records and documents.
  • Accountability by issuing a Chain-of-Custody certificate.
  • The eco-friendly disposal of shredded documents.
  • Accurate and dependable paper shredding services performed by experienced and highly trained professionals.

Your Paperwork is Never To Be Seen Again

Every piece of confidential paperwork we handle is processed in agreement with the Data Destruction mandated workflow. Not only do we ensure the removal of sensitive business data, we recycle every piece of paper that we shred. The secure vehicles we send to your business only respond to communication from our digital dispatch team, which also monitors our entire fleet of secure trucks.

We successfully shred:

  • Tax Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Policies and Reports
  • Checks and Receipts
  • Financial Documents
  • Paper Needing Recycling
  • Personal and Confidential Information

Protect Your Business Reputation

At the very least, the exploitation of sensitive business data by criminals places a huge hit on a company’s bottom line.

Customers perceive your business as not putting much of an emphasis on customer security. In many cases, data theft damages business reputations to the point of forcing the businesses to cease operations. That is a steep price to pay for not spending a little money to expunge confidential paperwork.

None of the locks and safes in the world ensures document security. You must recruit a qualified team of data destruction experts to help protect your reputation.

Shredding confidential information also saves your business money by reducing the amount of paperwork your hard working team has to manage. Data Destruction recommends off-site document shredding to stay compliant with state and federal regulations.

Our Experienced Team Have You Covered

All you have to do is direct our team of data destruction specialists to the paperwork you need shredded off-site. We deal with paper clips and other types of bindings to give you more time interacting with clients or customers. Our team of experienced paper shredders operates cutting edge equipment that saves you money.

Whether you allow us to perform a one-time offsite paper shredding project or allow us to provide you with monthly or quarterly paper shredding services, you can rest assured that Data Destruction gets the job done right the first time.

Keep your most important business information out of the hands of criminals and contact Data Destruction today.