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Irrespective of the kind of data you’re dealing with , electronic or paper, you can rely on the services provided by the secure Data Destruction Philadelphia services that are compliant with the regulations of the DOD and HIPAA. We offer onsite and offsite data disposal services to protect you and your business from information leaks and data breaches.

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To ensure the effective and comprehensive data destruction of sensitive client and employee information entrusted to you, we use DOD-compliant hard drive wiping and HIPAA compliant solutions.
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Choose from our onsite and offsite document shredding services to make sure that papers containing confidential information are securely disposed of. We provide the Certificate of Destruction to indemnify your business.
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According to your data disposal needs, we offer hard drive shredding services to destroy all electronic storage media including PCs, laptops, tablets, and cellphones. We make sure to dispose of all e-waste according to HIPAA rules.
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Certified Equipment Destruction

We use Green Pulse® Data Annihilator, military-grade degaussing solutions, and other highly innovative devices to erase and shred all media that contains sensitive data.

Data Destruction Philadelphia

The 11th Annual Cost of Data Breach Study conducted by the esteemed Ponemon Institute has released a startling report. Their studies have found that in the year 2016, the average total cost of data breaches touched the $4 million mark. To protect your company from the possibility of such losses, contact the secure Data Destruction Philadelphia facility today. Find out about our certified IT asset disposal services that can help you with effective hard drive wiping, hard drive disposal, and document data destruction solutions.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

Why Choose Secure Data Destruction Philadephia Services

More and more corporate giants are taking extensive steps to protect themselves from losses resulting from the leak of confidential information. Such data can form the part of hard drives in a range of devices including laptops, PCs, tablets, cell phones, and even gaming consoles. Before disposing of any of these gadgets, you must ensure that all the data is erased. And, that it cannot be accessed by even the most determined of hackers. By relying on the expert and secure Data Destruction Philadelphia services and their proper hard drive disposal methods, you can keep yourself and your business protected.

Solutions for Thorough Data Destruction

Entrust your sensitive information to our secure Data Destruction Philadelphia services. And, you can be confident that we’ll use the best solutions that match your unique data disposal needs to securely erase a hard drive. If you intend to reuse the device within your company, we can use DOD-compliant wiping solutions using the mandatory 3-pass or 11-pass processes to make it impossible to decipher old data. Should you choose hard drive shredding solutions, we use military-grade degaussing or hard drive platter shredding systems. These solutions reduce the platters to shards that we dispose of using HIPAA regulations. Feel free to opt for our on-site of offsite services and receive the Certificate of Destruction to keep your business indemnified.

Solutions for Document Destruction

The safekeeping and disposal of physical records are yet another vital part of data protection. Rely on our secure Data Destruction Philadelphia services to take care of them for you. We are a NAID certified company and follow the mandatory regulations laid down by the organization. You can choose to drop off your documents at our facility where expert, certified personnel use industrial shredders and cross-cutting methods to shred them. Or, you can request for our team to work on-site in trucks complete with the necessary equipment. You can supervise the secure paper shredding processes. And, receive the Certificate of Destruction, once the task is complete.

Data Destruction in Philadelphia

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, the city has earned the distinction of being the location of 12 of the top Fortune 500 companies. This news is an indication of the exciting economic development in progress in the city. Even as new small and large businesses open in the city, the need for protecting sensitive information becomes all the more important. With businesses striving to safeguard their reputations and the interests of the entities they work with, they need secure Data Destruction Philadelphia services for assistance.

As the owner of one such business, you can reach out to us. Call or contact us and our expert consultants will be happy to assist you with all the information you need.

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