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Media shredding is an essential service, arguably just as important as paper shredding, to protect your confidential information and satisfy your ethical obligations. Media tape shredding machines can provide a backup tape destruction service to keep your sensitive information inaccessible to others.

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Hard Drive Shredding

Hard drive shredding is the only failsafe way to dispose of your old, unwanted, or outdated hard drives, rendering them completely inaccessible to others. Data wiping or deletion may sound effective, but it is only hard drive shredding that is completely foolproof.
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On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

When the security of your hard drives is a concern, choose on-site hard drive shredding. Expert, licensed, and NAID certified personnel will come to your premises and shred your hard drives in full view. Receive your Certificate of Destruction at the time.
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Destroy Hard Drives

Many people mistakenly believe that it is possible to destroy hard drives with a hammer or with water. Unfortunately, these methods may only momentarily slow down a potential data thief. Only hard drive shredding can ultimately render the data inaccessible.
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Hard Drive Disposal

It may seem as if hard drive disposal is the simplest way of dealing with your company's redundant hard drives, simply disposing of hard drives will not leave you in compliance with your company's data destruction policy. Only a hard drive shredding machine can achieve this aim.

The world is making a huge effort to go paperless, and it has now come to the stage where media shredding is as important as paper shredding. The efforts of the business world to go paperless should be applauded, especially given the environmental benefits of reducing paper waste. With the increased reliance on media storage of data, though, comes the increased importance of media shredding and tape shredding services.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

An Uncomfortable Thought

Imagine what would happen if all the private data held by other companies was made public.

Everyone would know your medical history, your financial standing, every store you’ve shopped at and every online purchase you’ve made, the websites you’ve visited, and even everything you’ve ever said in a private counseling session.

The results could be disastrous! People would lose their jobs, their marriages, and in some extreme cases, potentially their freedom.

There is a reason that companies have a legal and ethical obligation to protect the information that they collect from their customers and clients, and in a nutshell, it’s because there is an implied understanding that information provided or otherwise collected will be protected.

All companies have an obligation to ensure that secure document destruction is a part of their ongoing data management efforts.

The Role of Media Shredding

By now, most companies understand that confidential paperwork cannot simply be thrown away or recycled: that it must be shredded by a licensed and NAID certified data destruction company in order for the information it contains to be rendered completely inaccessible.

The same stands true for digital data held on hard drives, DVDs, CDs, memory sticks, and the like. For obsolete or unwanted magnetic tape media, including backup tapes, VHS tapes, CDs, floppy disks (remember those?), and other plastics, media tape shredding is necessary in order to completely dispose of the media.

Backup Tape Destruction Services

Many companies have countless backup tapes and, while it is always prudent to create backup tapes regularly in case of data loss resulting from a network or system failure, it becomes unnecessary to store every backup tape ever created.

However, backup tapes cannot simply be discarded or recycled, as this would be a clear breach of a company’s legal and ethical duty to maintain the integrity of its clients’ confidential data. A backup tape destruction service is a simple and effective way of eliminating the problem, providing data tape shredding that will render the information completely inaccessible.

When tape shredding via a tape shredding machine has been utilized, there is no possibility of an obsolete or unwanted media tape falling into the wrong hands. As the name suggests, media shredding completely pulverizes the tape or other media, leaving little more than a small pile of metal and plastic shards remaining.

Media Shredding Tape Backup Destruction

Image by ukhomeoffice (Flickr: Shredded bits of the database) CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Data tape shredding from a licensed and NAID certified data destruction company makes it completely impossible for any data to be harvested from the unwanted media, completely satisfying a company’s ethical and legal obligations.

To find out more about media shredding, contact us at Data Destruction Corporation today. We make use of industry standard tape shredding machines to take care of all your media shredding requirements.