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Interested in a hard drive shredding service but concerned about security breaches? On-site hard drive shredding is the solution. We bring our hard drive shredding machine to you and take care of the hard drive shredding task on your premises, at a time that suits you.

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Hard Drive

Hard drive shredding is the only failsafe way to render a hard drive completely indecipherable, and can be undertaken on-site at your place of business or off-site. All hard drive shredding comes with a Certificate of Destruction.

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Hard Drives

It's not enough to erase the data or format them: the only secure way of dealing with confidential information is to destroy hard drives and any other equipment on which sensitive data has been stored.

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Hard Drive

When it's time to make decisions about hard drive disposal, consider either off-site or on-site hard drive shredding. Our hard drive shredding machines render your old hard drives unreadable and are guaranteed to be unhackable.
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It's not only computer hard drives that need to be shredded to be effectively destroyed. Any equipment that contains media storage capabilities is a good candidate for media shredding, including smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

The Benefits of On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

By now you’ve most likely realized that hard drive formatting does not give the same result as hard drive shredding. While it may seem as if erasing the contents of a hard drive is enough to satisfy your company’s data destruction policy, it most certainly isn’t. If you’re looking to completely protect your sensitive information while keeping your hard drives at your premises, on-site hard drive shredding could be the solution.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

There are several hard drive destruction methods that can be used to safely remove all trace of your company’s sensitive information, but formatting is not one of them. In order to protect confidential information and, perhaps most importantly, protect your company from a lawsuit that may result after a disastrous data leak, a hard drive shredding service – whether on-site hard drive shredding or destruction using the hard drive shredding machines at our centers – is an absolute must.

Hard-Drive Formatting Vs. Hard-Drive Shredding

In basic terms, formatting a hard drive is a way of deleting all of the files on the hard drive. And while that sounds promising, if your aim is to protect confidential information, then it’s simply not enough. Contrary to popular belief, deleting files does not actually eradicate them from the hard drive. Instead, deleting a file simply hides it from yourself. The actual data that made up the original file still exists, but the file has just become harder to find.

Recovering deleted files – especially ones that have only recently been deleted – can be quite easy, and can even be done for free using data recovery software downloaded from the Internet. That can be excellent news if you accidentally deleted the report that you spent all night working on, but it’s equally disastrous news if an old hard drive falls into the wrong hands.

Protecting Your Sensitive Information

The only time that hard drive data wiping could potentially be an option is if you intend to continue to use the same hard drive within your business. Formatting the hard drive will, on the face of it, allow you to store new information on the hard drive. But if you’ve completely finished with a hard drive and need to destroy it in line with your company’s data destruction policy, then a hard drive shredding service is the only solution.

The Cost of a Lawsuit Vs. Hard Drive Shredding Cost

When considering hard drive shredding cost, also consider the cost of a potential lawsuit due to non-compliance with your own data destruction policy.

Consider the 2015 matter in which a portable hard drive containing personal and financial information of over 583,000 Canadian students went missing and was never recovered. Even though there was no evidence that the information had been fraudulently used, the Federal Court of Appeal in Canada held that the negligence and breach of confidence issues were so severe that a class action could proceed, even though the students had not suffered any particular damages. The matter has not been finalized yet, but the potential judgment amount is staggering. CBC News reported that  the breach occurred after the “government didn’t follow its own policies to protect sensitive data of more than 583,000 student loan recipients.”

Hard drive shredding cost is minimal compared to the cost – both financial and in terms of your company’s reputation – of a lawsuit.

Your Hard Drives, Your Control

When we take other people’s hard drive into our control, we treat them as the valuable resource that they are. We take chain of control issues seriously, and can tell you exactly where your hard drives are at any time, and what stage of the destruction process they’re at. We then provide you with a Certificate of Destruction once the process is finished.

On the other hand, if you’ve been storing your clients’ sensitive data on a hard drive – perhaps financial, medical, or other types of classified information, we can understand that you may be a little antsy about letting the hard drives leave your sight.

For that reason, we offer on-site hard drive shredding, to alleviate any residual concerns you understandably may have about the security of your hard drives. With on-site hard drive shredding, we bring our industry-standard hard drive shredding machines to your place of business, and destroy your hard drives in your full view. On-site hard drive shredding ensures that your hard drives never leave your sight, yet they’ll still be destroyed to our high industry standards and using our state of the art hard drive shredding machines.

Before you start wondering, “Where can I find hard drive shredding near me?” remember that, at Data Destruction Corporation, we offer on-site hard drive shredding at your place of business, at a time and day that will cause the least amount of disruption to your business and your clients. Contact us today to find out more about our on-site hard drive shredding service.