Another Equifax Data Breach Already? Company Removes Webpage

Individuals across America are still reeling from the news that an Equifax data breach earlier this year caused more than 145 million people to have their personal information stolen or accessed.

And now, Equifax has removed one of the pages on its website following reports that it had been hacked once again.

This comes after news of the Vevo data breach shocked the country. And while Equifax continues to deny another hack, senior industry analysts warn individuals to “assume the worst and act accordingly.”

Reports of a New Equifax Data Breach Add Insult to Injury

Equifax set up a consumer portal to allow individuals to request credit reporting assistance following the first Equifax data breach. Now, adding insult to injury – especially for those affected by the original breach – it appears that it is this credit reporting assistance page on the Equifax website that has been compromised.

Reports suggest that individuals visiting the credit reporting assistance page were being served malicious software masquerading as Adobe Flash.

While denying that a new Equifax data breach had occurred, a spokesperson for Equifax reassured consumers that the malicious software originated from a third-party vendor whose code was running on the web page in question. While the third-party vendor has not been identified, it has been revealed that the vendor’s code had been installed on the website to “collect website performance data.”

Former Equifax CEO Admits Human Error Played a Role in Original Equifax Data Breach

Despite the company’s insistence that there has been no further data hack, consumers are running scared. And given that Equifax’s former CEO – who notably left the position soon after the original data breach came to light – has admitted that human error played a part in the original data breach, consumers may be understandably concerned.

After all, if a company the size of Equifax did not observe data destruction best practices the first time around, there is every chance that the same mistakes could be made again.


Equifax takes down web page, but denies new hack

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