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Confidential Shredding

Any confidential document is potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. When it comes to maintaining your statutory and ethical obligations regarding data destruction, turn to the experts to provide confidential shredding services.

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One-time paper shredding is the ideal solution to dispose of a one-off batch of confidential paperwork in a secure and responsible way, passing the risk and responsibility to us.

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Ongoing Paper
Shredding Pickups

Most companies have a constant stream of paperwork coming in and out. Ongoing paper shredding pickups will take care of paper disposal.

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Document Shredding

When you choose off-site document shredding, the responsibility for your confidential paperwork passes to us immediately, leaving you absolved from any liability.

Do you or your business or organization generate paperwork that contains confidential information? The answer for every business and organization must inevitably be Yes. Even a paperless business would have an inflow of paperwork of some description: paperwork that would soon be scanned and electronically filed, yet the original hardcopy document must still be dealt with securely. And that’s where confidential shredding services come in.

Confidential Shredding

Any document that contains confidential or personally identifiable information about any individual or organization has the potential to be dangerous in the wrong hands. When it comes to maintaining your statutory obligations to dispose of confidential data in a secure and appropriate way, turn to the experts to provide confidential shredding services to completely absolve you of any liability for the destruction of your documents.

Why Data and Information Is So Valuable on The Black Market

“Why would anyone want this? It’s only an old printout of an email!”

“What good is last year’s tax return going to be to anyone else?”

It is tempting to think that your unwanted paperwork is harmless and would be of no use or interest to anyone else. Unfortunately, that is far from the case.

The deep web, known as the “Underbelly of the Internet,” is a thriving marketplace for data, paperwork, and information of all types. For every person with the will and the means of extracting information – whether that be digitally through a cyber hacking attack or physically by stealing hard drives or even dumpster diving for discarded paperwork – there are scores of other people willing to pay a very high price for that data.

And while the information itself may seem mundane or unimportant, experienced criminals require very little in order to pull off comprehensive identity theft crimes. Only a few essential pieces of data, such as a person’s name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number, are necessary in order for high-level fraud and identity theft crimes to be committed, including:

  • False medical insurance claims
  • False loan application
  • Bank accounts skimming
  • Credit card fraud.

This is why the government continues to bring out new legislation and tougher penalties for businesses and organizations who do not take all necessary steps to protect the security of the data in their possession. And it is for this reason that confidential shredding must be an integral part of your data security plan.

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Prevent Identity Theft with Confidential Shredding

High-level data security breaches involving the personal or medical records of millions of people inevitably make front page news (you can probably think of the few recent examples). Yet what is often unreported is the identity theft that occurs because of physical paperwork being thrown directly in the trash or in the recycling bin rather than being subjected to confidential scanning.

Just as unwanted hard drives must go through the process of hard drive shredding and can never simply be thrown in the trash, paper documents face a similar amount of risk if left lying unattended in a dumpster or recycling collection bin.

It is only by hiring a shredding firm like Data Destruction Corporation that specializes in confidential shredding services that you can ensure your valuable paperwork is never left in a dumpster or in landfill, waiting for opportunistic thieves to harvest the data.

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Not Sure Which Documents You Should Shred? Start Here

The scope of documents that require confidential shredding will inevitably vary depending on the nature and scope of your business. While some documents are obviously confidential, others may contain data that, at first glance, would seem to be of no use to anyone. In this instance, it is important to remember that seemingly unimportant information could be read in conjunction with other personally identifiable data, giving an identity thief a more comprehensive profile of the individual.

The following list is far from exhaustive, but may provide some insights as to the types of documents that are good candidates for confidential shredding:

  • Financial records and expense reports
  • Email printouts
  • Letters, memos, and intraoffice correspondence
  • Budgets and business plans
  • Bank statements, credit card statements, check buts, and canceled checks
  • Contracts
  • Medical information
  • Minutes of meetings, business plans, and corporate policies
  • Tax returns and other financial documents
  • Proposals, quotes, and bids
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Customer and employee databases
  • Payroll records
  • Legal documents

For more information about confidential shredding and to find out the types of documents that your particular business or organization should dispose of securely, contact Data Destruction Corporation today.