Paper-based records are just as prone to data breaches as those stored on hard drives. Secure document shredding is one of the best ways to destroy these record and it this article, we show you where you can get it done.

Paper shredding is necessary because keeping sensitive data secure should be a top priority for any organization. Whether such data is saved on a hard drive or in the form of paper documents, a breach will have the same disastrous consequences. 

In 2014, a case of improperly handled paper-based patient records cost Parkview Health Systems $800,000 in fines for violating the HIPAA data law. Such a fine can put a sizeable dent in a company’s budget.

You can prevent this situation by knowing where to get documents shredded securely.

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Reasons Why You Should Shred Paper Documents

Several organizations, probably even yours, keep paper records of client data, tax records, employee data, checks and other confidential files. If those documents get into the wrong hands, you could have a serious problem. This is why the best option is to shred all old documents using a trusted data destruction client like Data Destruction Inc. If you’re still not sold on why you should even bother to dispose of such documents, here are a couple of other reasons to do it:

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1. It Reduces the Chance of Identity Theft and Fraud

this particular crime, a 1 million increase from the previous year. The victims and their families suffered a total loss of $540 million during this period. This type of fraud is worsened by the fact that it can go on for up to three years without the victim’s knowledge. It’s imperative that you protect your clients and employees against falling into this situation by finding where to get documents shredded securely.

2. Business Shredding Ensures Compliance with the Law

Data privacy laws are becoming more strict with time and attract severe penalties when broken. Your organization can incur these penalties, which include huge fines, for inappropriate handling of customer information. Legally, you must dispose of old documents that contain data like medical records, personal details and even salary records.

3. Shredding Eliminates Clutter Caused By Paper Files

Piles of paper documents take up space and constitute a fire hazard. As part of a records management system, offices need to create a mechanism to constantly get rid of these documents. Although many organizations buy their own shredders, it is far more capital-intensive than using a certified data destruction company. The former involves buying office shredders, carrying out routine maintenance and delegating the task to employees, which wastes time.

4. It Enables Easier Paper Recycling

Trees are used to make paper and when people cut them down, it constitutes a growing environmental hazard. Paper recycling is important because it creates a way for continued use of existing paper and reduces the need to make new ones. However, organizations are less likely to recycle paper that still has sensitive data on it. Shredding makes it easier to do this. This in turn protects the forests from degradation and preserves them in the long run.

5. Paper Shredding Protects Confidential Documents From Exposure

Normally, you should keep old documents like bank statements, tax filings, checks, patient records and even employee wage details confidential. Unfortunately, this can be difficult when it is time to dispose of them. It’s important to know where to shred large amounts of paper in a secure way during times like this. You can also avoid corporate espionage with the help of business document shredding. You should destroy any new business plans, discoveries and company secrets before your competitors get the chance to steal them.

Where to Get Documents Shredded in a Secure Way?

Here at Data Destruction inc., we’ve analyzed the issues that organizations face when it comes to paper records. To solve them, we offer affordable data destruction packages that help you protect your confidential information by securely shredding it.

Shredding your documents with us, is more convenient and efficient than having your employees do it. We help you save time and resources that you would otherwise allocate to the task. Contact us to discuss how you can set up a plan to conveniently shred your documents from now on.

What do you think about document shredding? Do you think everyone should do it? Leave a comment below and we will respond. Don’t forget to share this with anyone who would like to learn about secure document shredding.


Secure document shredding is vital to prevent data breaches, ensure compliance with data privacy laws, protect against identity theft and fraud, eliminate clutter, and facilitate paper recycling, thereby safeguarding confidential information and the environment.

Shredding paper documents containing sensitive information prevents unauthorized access and misuse of personal data, thereby significantly reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Yes, organizations can incur severe penalties, including fines, for violating data privacy laws through inappropriate handling and disposal of documents containing sensitive information.

Documents such as bank statements, tax filings, checks, patient records, employee wage details, business plans, and company secrets should be kept confidential and securely shredded to prevent exposure.

Knowing where to securely shred large amounts of paper is crucial to prevent corporate espionage, protect confidential information, and ensure compliance with legal requirements for document disposal.

Yes, improper handling of paper-based records, such as violations of HIPAA data law, can result in substantial fines and financial losses for organizations.

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- hard drive shredding | secure paper shredding | hdd wiping
- hard drive shredding | secure paper shredding | hdd wiping
- hard drive shredding | secure paper shredding | hdd wiping
- hard drive shredding | secure paper shredding | hdd wiping
- hard drive shredding | secure paper shredding | hdd wiping
- hard drive shredding | secure paper shredding | hdd wiping