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Keep you and your business protected from data breaches with our secure Data Destruction Los Angeles services, Use state-of-the-art data disposal solutions that are compliant with the DOD and HIPAA. Opt for onsite or offsite data destruction procedures.

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Ensure the permanent and secure destruction of all data on hard drives by using our DOD and HIPAA compliant solutions that protect you and company from data breaches in client and employee personal information.
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Industrial shredders and NAID compliant processes ensure the complete and effective destruction of all documented information entrusted to your company. Use secure onsite and offsite services to dispose of paperwork.
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Our DOD compliant hard drive shredding processes make it impossible to decipher any data on data platters in PCs, tablets, cellphones, and laptops. We also make sure to discard all e-waste using HIPAA regulations.
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Certified Equipment Destruction

We use certified equipment for data destruction such as the Green Pulse® Data Annihilator, military-grade degaussing solutions, and other highly innovative devices.

Data Destruction Los Angeles

In the year 2016, data storage company, Seagate reported that it had incurred a breach in its W2 tax forms. Sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, salaries, and other details found their way into the hands of hackers. The secure Data Destruction Los Angeles services can help ensure that you and your company don’t become victims of similar leaks. And, the best way to do that is to safely eliminate all data using professional data destruction solutions once it is no longer needed.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

How Secure Data Destruction Los Angeles Services Help You

You can have data saved by way of electronic methods or paper documents. Electronic media include laptops, PCs, tablets, cell phones, and even gaming consoles. Each time you sell the media or deliver it for recycling, you risk the leaking of sensitive information. The secure Data Destruction Los Angeles services use DOD-compliant and HIPAA-compliant methods to securely erase the hard drive data so that the information cannot be accessed. Depending on your hard drive disposal needs, we may also shred the platters and dispose of the shards according to HIPAA regulations. Documents containing confidential information pass through secure paper shredding cross-cutting devices that reduce them to one-centimeter strips.

Highly Innovative Solutions for Effective Data Disposal

To protect sensitive information on hard drives, you must use thorough 7-pass or 11-pass hard drive wiping solutions that make it impossible to read the data. At the secure Data Destruction Los Angeles facility, we use the Green Pulse® Data Annihilator and military standard degaussing processes to wipe hard drives. If needed, we may also use the conical-shaped punch machines to deform the hard drives. Later, we dispatch all e-waste for disposal according to HIPAA regulations. And, provide you with the mandatory Certificate of Destruction to keep your business protected.

Regulation Compliant Onsite and Offsite Services

You can choose from our onsite or offsite data disposal services to help you with your data disposal needs. According to DOD regulations, we make sure to screen our crew carefully with the proper background checks. We use specialized trucks that have the necessary surveillance equipment to transport sensitive material to our secure Data Destruction Los Angeles facility. Here, all material goes through industrial shredders under-recorded supervision. If needed, we can also perform disposal services on your premises. Our trucks have the equipment to wipe data or shred hard drive platters and sensitive documents. Feel free to supervise the processes yourself for complete reassurance.

Protecting Your Business in Los Angeles

In December 2016, Los Angeles County sent notifications to around 756,000 people that their personal information was at risk. The compromised data included Social Security numbers, bank account details, addresses, phone numbers, and medical insurance information, to name a few. While this data breach occurred because of phishing attacks by way of emails, know that hackers can use various methods to target the sensitive information you may use when dealing with employees and clients.

To protect you and your company, at our secure Data Destruction Los Angeles facility, we have the best of solutions available today. Call or contact us and talk to our consultants for all the information you need.

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