Free Hard Drive Recycling Events Appeal to People for Numerous Reasons

Free Community Events

While free community paper shredding events are becoming increasingly common in American towns, some police in Calgary have upped the ante and introduced hard drive recycling as a free community event.

CBC News reported that Calgary police have announced a free hard drive recycling event this weekend. Not only will the event greatly assist people to protect themselves against identity theft and data fraud, there’s another reason altogether why people might feel compelled to attend the event.

Those who attend the free community hard drive recycling event will have the opportunity to watch hard drives and other electronics being shredded right before their eyes. And, for reasons that may only be known to those with a psychology degree, the idea of watching electronic devices being pulverized and reduced to an indecipherable mound of metal scraps is highly appealing to the majority of people.

Similarly to on site hard drive shredding, where professional, accredited data destruction companies attend at a company’s place of business and securely shred hard drives in full view of the proprietor, watching hard drives being shredded brings a certain level of satisfaction to the viewers. Whether the satisfaction lies in knowing that the data that once was held on the hard drive is forever protected, or whether it’s a more primal urge to watch humankind triumph over machines, remains to be seen.

It’s not only hard drives that will be pulverized at the free hard drive recycling event this Saturday, but consumer electronics, gaming consoles, MP3 players, computers of all descriptions, CDs and DVDs, and cell phones are all eligible for free shredding at the community event.

The event is scheduled to be held at CrossIron Mills Shopping Mall from 10 A.M. on Saturday.

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