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With Data Destruction Houston services, you can secure the PII and other sensitive information stored in your company’s database whether in the form of HDDs, SSDs, and documents in compliance with DOD and HIPAA regulations. Choose offsite or onsite expert data disposal for complete assurance.

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Use DOD-compliant and HIPAA-compliant data wiping solutions to erase securely erase sensitive customer and employee information on HDDs and SSDs in devices that you intend to reuse within the company.
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Our document shredding services ensure responsible and eco-friendly disposal of hard copies of documents containing confidential information. Receive the Certificate of Destruction for indemnification.
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Opt for hard drive shredding services for all electronic storage media in company gadgets such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, copiers, desktops, and others. Receive a list of identification numbers for assurance and reliability.
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Certified Equipment Destruction

Trust in the Green Pulse® Data Annihilator and military-grade degaussing solutions, among other innovative equipment to securely dispose of obsolete and returned hardware.

Data Destruction Houston

Experts in data breaches and phishing attacks will tell you that it’s only a matter of time before hackers attempt to access your company’s database. But, by opting for the services of secure Data Destruction Houston, you can avert the threat. As Health IT Security reports, data breaching attacks have occurred in various organizations in Houston. For instance, St. Mark’s Surgery Center, LLC suffered a ransomware attack in April 2017. This breach compromised the health and personal information of 33,877 patients as the OCR data breach tool reports.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

Old Equipment is Most Vulnerable to Hacking Incidents

In an age of rapid technological advancement, you must regularly upgrade to continue to provide efficient services to your clients. But, before selling or recycling devices, take care to remove the information containing components in them. These media include Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD). To ensure that the data in these devices are secure from possible breaches, hire the services of secure Data Destruction Houston. Using protocols outlined by regulatory authorities such as the U.S. Department of Defence (DOD), the HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA, and HITECH, they’ll dispose of the media so that all information is secure.

Confidence and Assurance with Data Destruction Houston Services

The expert services and sophisticated equipment provided by Data Destruction Houston offers assurance and confidence in protecting your business. The personnel working in these centers go through mandatory screening and background checks before hiring. All media shredding and destruction is conducted in supervised facilities under closed circuit surveillance. Once advanced machinery reduces the media to undecipherable shards, the waste makes its way to recycling plants for reuse. Metal, glass, and other components are melted down to their alloy state while paper waste is transformed into a pulp.

Scope of Services You Can Opt For

Choose hard drive data wiping solutions for the equipment you intend to reuse. Alternatively, opt for hard drive shredding for the hard drives that you want to dispose of. You may also need secure document destruction services to ensure that hard copies of information are shredded responsibly. Further, in case you want to discard old gadgets, you may want certified equipment destruction personnel to take care of them for you. All of these services are available at the Data Destruction Houston service center. As an added positive, you can request for onsite and offsite data wiping or disposal.

Keep Your Business Indemnified

By signing up with certified Data Destruction Houston service centers, you can secure your business from the possible losses arising from data breaches. After proper hard drive disposal, you’ll receive a certificate from the company that includes the serial numbers of the shredded hard drives. By informing stakeholders of the data protection protocols you have in place, you evoke trust and reliance. Employees, vendors, customers, and business partners will feel a lot more confident in conducting business with you. They’re secure that any information they entrust to you will be kept protected.

Responsible protection of data is one business aspect that all owners must include in their operations. And, we can help you with all the details you need. All you need to do is contact the expert consultants at the number or email you can find above. Today!

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