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By opting for the secure Data Destruction Anaheim services, you can protect any kind of PII you manage and keep your business indemnified. Whether you need hard drive wiping, hard drive shredding or paper disposal, you can rely on DOD and HIPAA regulations compliant services.

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DOD-compliant hard drive wiping and HIPAA-compliant data erasing methods ensure the efficient and thorough disposal of the PII and other sensitive data you might have saved for company operations.
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Choose on-site or off-site paper shredding services to protect printed data in use in the company from data breaches. Receive the Certificate of Destruction and keep your business indemnified from potential fines.
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Choose hard drive shredding for the secure disposal of all kinds of storage media such as cell phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, or any other. Request for on-site under supervision or off-site data destruction.
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Certified Equipment Destruction

Highly-innovative certified equipment like the Green Pulse® Data Annihilator and military-grade degaussing provide assurance and confidence that your PII is secure.

Data Destruction Anaheim, California

Data Destruction Anaheim notes that as recently as in October 2016, three Kaiser Permanente medical centers reported data breaches. The health care giant contacted 8020 of its members to let them know that their personal details may have been compromised. Given that one of these units, the Anaheim Medical Center is located in Anaheim, you need to be concerned too. A more worrying fact is that in the past 5 years, the company has had 5 distinct data breach incidents. And, two of them involved a stolen flash drive and ultrasound machines.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

Data Breaches can Occur Through Various Devices

As a business owner that collects and stores sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) for regular business operations, you need to be wary. Understand that data breaches can occur via various channels. Modern-day hackers use the most sophisticated methods to access your records. In addition to the hard drives in computers and laptops, you need to protect other hardware that stores data. At Data Destruction Anaheim, we understand the need for secure hard drive shredding. For this reason, we offer services for hard drive data wiping and shredding in a range of devices. These include cell phones, tablets, servers, copiers, and any other.

You Can Opt for Data Wiping Service at Data Destruction Anaheim

From time to time, businesses need to upgrade their equipment and replace it with new machines. If you intend to continue to use the old hard drives, you only need to wipe hard drive data for security. By using methods like the DOD-approved three-pass and seven-pass protocols, we can make the data impossible to decipher. Depending on the sensitivity of the data you’re dealing with, we may use more advanced methods. For instance, the DBAN method or the disk encryption method that is suitable for both hard drives and Solid State Drives (SSD).

Protect the Documents You Store with Paper Shredding

Most businesses now dispense with the use of documents. They opt for space saving and secure electronic methods of maintaining and transferring information. However, if you absolutely must use paper records, use the paper shredding services of Data Destruction Anaheim for disposing of them. You can choose onsite or offsite shredding and reduce the documents to tiny bits less than a centimeter square. Later, recycling plants reduce the bits to a pulp.

Hard Drive Shredding is the Most Secure Method

At Data Destruction Anaheim, we understand that hard drive shredding is the most secure method of protecting information. Accordingly, we use specialized equipment as listed on the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) Public Information Evaluated Products List for HDD destruction devices. Whether you have HDDs or SSDs, we’ll ensure that the hard drives are reduced to tiny particles. Later, these shreds make their way to recycling plants that melt them down to their alloy state. You’ll also receive a certificate complete with the identification numbers of each hard drive so your business remains indemnified.

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