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Trust in the expertise of the professionals at Data Destruction Chicago to secure HDDs, SDDS, and documents containing sensitive information. Protect you and your company from the risk of data breach with the help of DOD and HIPAA compliant modalities and protocols.

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Protect all PII, intellectual property, and other sensitive information on any media from the threat of data breaches by using DOD-compliant and HIPAA-compliant secure and permanent data wiping solutions.
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Rely on the services of expert document shredding services that use NAID-approved industrial shredders to dispose of all paper containing personal information and protect you and your company from hackers.
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We offer permanent cyber security solutions by providing shredding services for the hard disks in any kind of devices used in your company including cell phones, tablets, laptops, copiers, and desktop computers.
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Certified Equipment Destruction

Our Green Pulse® Data Annihilator and military grade degaussing equipment ensure the secure disposal of the equipment being used in your company and prevent data leaks.

Data Destruction Chicago

Widespread awareness of data breaches and the need for cyber security measures has resulted in companies taking steps to protect them. Even so, various organizations are reporting incidents of such information leaks. These instances indicate the need for the services of expert Data Destruction Chicago services. The upcoming Data Breach Summit 2017 scheduled to be held in Chicago will be addressing these issues. Among the many courses, the summit will include the responsible disposal of media including those containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

How Data Destruction Chicago Services Help

All institutions and organizations deal with the most vital form of security leaks by way of data stolen from old hard drives. Companies routinely upgrade their equipment and maintain information on paper or digital media. This data helps them in their operations and dealings with stakeholders. Any loss of this media can result in the misuse of the data. Secure Data Destruction Chicago services can ensure that when you dispose of old hardware and documents, the data in them remains inaccessible to potential hackers and cyber criminals. In case you intend to continue to use your hardware or recycle it, you need effective methods to wipe hard drive data.

Certified Protocols Keep Your Business indemnified

When you work with licensed Data Destruction Chicago services, you can rest assured that they’ll use protocols that are compliant with the regulations of federal authorities. For instance, you can rely on the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) three-pass, seven-pass, and eleven-pass hard drive data wiping solutions. In case you need paper shredding, you could rely on NAID compliant processes. And, if it is hard drive shredding you need, trust in the expertise of professionals that use advanced equipment that destroys both HDDs and SSDs or Solid State Drives.

Certified Data Destruction Cares for the Environment

Data Destruction Chicago service providers secure you and your business using equipment that can distort the disks so they become unreadable. Or, they may opt for machines that reduce the drives to tiny shards. Later, recycling plants reduce the shreds to their alloy state for reuse. Paper documents convert into small squares less than a centimeter across. Professionals may pulverize documents and then send the remains to recycling plants for secure document destruction. Here, they reduce the paper to a pulp for reuse. In this way, you can rest assured that all waste is managed using eco-friendly methods and does not end up in landfills.

Choose from Onsite and Offsite Data Disposal

You can sign up for the services provided by Data Destruction Chicago for offsite and onsite paper shredding and hard drive disposal. Expert teams arrive at your premises in armored trucks that they park within your company periphery. They shred all storage media under your supervision and carry them away for disposing of. Alternatively, you can request for offsite destruction. The teams transport your media to their secure facilities where the disk shredding takes place. In addition to regular updates, you’ll also receive a certificate that indemnifies your business.

Given the rising costs and number of data breaches, you need to do the best you can to secure your company. For more information about the regulations and protocols, you must follow, call or contact us at Data Destruction Chicago. Our consultants are on standby for your queries.

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