How a Paper Shredding Truck Works: Keeping Your Data Safe

Your customers trust you with their most confidential information. To reciprocate this level of trust, it’s important to conduct secure data destruction of all documents, paper trails and financial records. Doing this yourself can be a time consuming task, and it isn’t always enough to simply throw this information away. That’s why convenient paper shredding truck services are available to come direct to your door.

You may have already asked the important question, “Where can I find secure shredding companies near me?”

Well, professional paper shredding companies like Data Destruction are able to offer a mobile, on or off-site paper shredding capability that adheres to strict privacy laws & regulations.

Let’s look at how our fleet of paper shredding trucks work.

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What Are The Decisions You Must Make Before Contacting a Mobile Paper Shredder?

Before you call out a paper shredding truck, make sure you’re dealing with a mobile shredding service that’s suited to the needs of your business. You may require once-off data destruction, which will destroy all your documents at once. On the other hand, you may require scheduled shredding which should take place on a yearly, monthly or even a weekly basis.

The next step is to decide whether you want onsite or offsite shredding. This will depend on the type of information you need to destroy and if you want it done in front of you or a trusted staff member. Once you’ve decided on these two points you can arrange for the shredding to take place.

Steps Taken By a Secure Onsite/Offsite Mobile Shredding Service

Depending on your choice of service is how we serve you!

Onsite Paper Shredding

Once a paper shredding truck has arrived at your place of business, you will be met by a trusted custody professional who will wheel in a locked container into which paper can be inserted. You or your staff can insert the documents yourself, or you can leave this to the mobile shredding service. If the amount of paper is large, no problems! A paper shredding truck will have built-in equipment to handle mass shredding.

Offsite Paper Shredding

For offsite data destruction, a paper shredding truck will come to your place of business with trusted custody professionals who will have as many lockable containers as needed to destroy your documentation. They will collect your documents in these locked containers and transport them back to the paper shredding truck.

This is an important part of the process because each person in the custody chain is responsible for his or her respective containers. We offer a full chain-of-custody service to ensure your data is secured. A secure paper shredding service will always keep tabs on each of these individuals and the containers they are responsible for, to ensure maximum privacy for each batch of documents.

Once all the documents have been collected, these containers will be taken back to a shredding facility and the documents will be destroyed en masse. Every step in the data destruction process is painstakingly monitored to guarantee security in the destruction of your data.

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A Mobile Paper Shredding Truck Service is Your Surest Method for Safe Data Destruction

Whether you choose onsite or offsite shredding, remember that paper shredding trucks and the shredders used at shredding facilities are more powerful than your average office shredder. These machines make quick work of utterly destroying all your documents without the risk of a single piece of paper being viewed.

Finally, you will also receive a certificate of destruction once the shredding is complete. This is your guarantee that each and every page has been securely destroyed, and this places the responsibility on us for the destruction.

So if you’re asking, “Where can I find document shredding near me?” look no further than Data Destruction Corporation!

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