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By opting for secure Data Destruction Phoenix services, you can dispose of any kind of data storage media responsibly including HDDs, SSDs, or paper. Choose onsite or offsite, regulation compliant disposal of your IT assets and keep your business protected from data breaches and hacking incidents.

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We use DOD-compliant hard drive wiping and HIPAA-compliant data erasing methods to ensure the effective and thorough wiping of stored information, secure your business, and protect confidential data from hackers.
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You need NAID-approved protocols for secure onsite or offsite shredding of sensitive documents that are later reduced to a pulp in recycling plants. Receive the Certificate of Destruction for complete assurance.
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Opt for under-supervision onsite or offsite hard drive shredding services to dispose of HDDs and SSDs contained within devices such as cell phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and any others to prevent information leakage.
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Certified Equipment Destruction

Highly innovative solutions like the Green Pulse® Data Annihilator and military-grade degaussing assist in effective and thorough data destruction to secure the company's IT assets.

Data Destruction Phoenix

Do you need to sign up for the services of Data Destruction Phoenix? Absolutely! Here’s why. As ABC15 Arizona, the news channel reports, restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill suffered a data breach in March-April 2017. A company spokesperson talked about how malware allowed hackers to harvest customer data. This information included customer names, their internal verification codes, credit and debit card numbers, and expiry dates. If a corporate giant can face data breaches, so can you.

Data destruction and hard drive shredding

Secure Your Business with Data Destruction Phoenix

Although data breaches can occur via various channels, one of the most important sources you need to watch out for is the equipment you use. When disposing of old gadgets and upgrading your systems, take care to deal with the hard drives in them responsibly. Here’s where Data Destruction Phoenix services come in. You can invite their professionals to wipe hard drive data. Or, you can request for hard drive shredding services for both Hard Disk Drives (HDD)and Solid State Drives (SSD). In case you have hard copies with sensitive information printed on them, choose the paper shredding services.

Why Choose Certified Data Destruction Solutions

When looking for the best proper hard drive disposal services, look for an expert team that uses solutions that are compliant with federal regulatory authorities. For instance, you’ll need the U.S. DOD hard drive data wiping protocols and HIPAA approved hard drive shredding processes. You’ll also need NAID-certified procedures to deal with secure document destruction. The one team you can rely on is the Data Destruction Phoenix personnel. In addition, once they complete the data destruction best practices, they’ll provide you with a certificate that indemnifies your business.

Choose Services that Provide Confidence and Assurance

When you sign up for Data Destruction Phoenix services, you can choose from secure onsite shredding or off-site solutions. The certified expert team will arrive on your company premises and conduct the equipment disposal under your supervision. They’ll also carry away the paper and e-waste for recycling by eco-friendly plants. Alternatively, you can request the team to collect the media from your workplace. They’ll carry the devices to their shredding facility under a responsible relay chain. Under closed surveillance, the media goes through efficient destruction processes. Not only will you receive regular updates on the status, but also a Certificate of Destruction.

Data Destruction Services Deal with Various Kinds of Devices

As a business owner, be warned that various devices in use in your workplace can contain sensitive media. For instance, laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, tablets, servers, USBs, copiers, and PDAs. Every one of these devices carries hard drives that store information that cybercriminals will find valuable. For this reason, you must rely only on certified data sanitization teams like Data Destruction Phoenix services to secure your company. You can also request for certified equipment destruction of redundant and returned gadgets.

Secure data disposal is absolutely essential to keep your business protected from the risk of hacking. Our consultants at Data Destruction can help you with all additional information you need. Call us at the number above or contact us via email. We’ll get back to you asap.

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