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For data destruction San Diego businesses know who they can trust for full-service, government-approved hard drive shredding, paper disposal, and any other services related to responsible data management.

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It is never acceptable to throw away paperwork that contains sensitive information. That's where secure paper shredding comes in.
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Certified Equipment Destruction

Certified equipment destruction is the only way to keep your unwanted proprietary equipment off the black market and out of customers' hands.
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When you intend to reuse a hard drive within your company, there is no need to destroy it: choose hard drive data wiping instead.
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Hard Drive Shredding

When you've finished with a hard drive and it contains - or has ever contained - sensitive data, the only choice is hard drive shredding.

All businesses, regardless of their size or the industry in which they operate, store confidential data. When it comes to services related to data destruction San Diego businesses can turn to Data Destruction Corporation for full-service, government-approved paper disposal, hard drive shredding, and any other facet of responsible corporate data management.

Data Destruction San Diego

Technology, Research, and Development: Key Industries in San Diego

Despite the wide range of opportunities available to businesses and individuals in the San Diego area, there are 13 main industries that employ more than 27 percent of the area’s workforce.

In addition to employing more than one-quarter of the San Diego workforce, these 13 industries assist in helping the San Diego region to maintain its current high standard of living: particularly regarding attracting research and development funding and developing industry and technology leaders.

These main San Diego industries include manufacturing (sports, advanced precision, and apparel), food (microbreweries, specialty foods, and fruits and vegetables), technology (maritime, navigation, and aerospace, biomedical, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, communications and information), marketing and publishing, and horticulture.

At Data Destruction Corporation, we have tailored our services to the San Diego area to ensure that businesses within these 13 main industries have all their data destruction needs catered for. That’s why, when it is data destruction San Diego businesses need, they can safely turn to us for the provision of full-service data destruction tasks.

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Hard Drive Shredding and Disposal in San Diego

In San Diego and elsewhere around the country, hard drive shredding is an integral part of any company’s data management program.

When hard drives are not stored, managed, and disposed of correctly, businesses put themselves at risk of data theft should the hard drives fall into the wrong hands. And with data breaches continuing to make the news and consumers becoming increasingly concerned about the security of their data, there has never been a more pertinent time for businesses to ensure that they are properly disposing of old or unwanted hard drives.

If you intend to reuse a hard drive within your business, it is sufficient to degauss, reformat, or otherwise erase the hard drive. On the other hand, if the hard drives are no longer needed and you wish to dispose of them or recycle them, the only responsible way to deal with the unwanted hard drives is with hard drive shredding.

For services related to data destruction San Diego businesses can contact us at any time, free in the knowledge that we can take care of your hard drive shredding either on-site on your premises or in our custom-built facilities.

For Data Destruction San Diego Business Turn to Us

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to offer the data destruction San Diego businesses need. With a fleet of customised hard drive shredding trucks at our disposal and the latest, government-approved equipment and techniques, we offer a mandatory Certificate of Destruction at the conclusion of every job.

To find out more about how Data Destruction Corporation can help your San Diego business, contact us today.

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