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We provide the data destruction Irvine business establishments need and assure you of completely certified services including hard drive shredding, data wiping, and secure erasure procedures which are tracked through a full chain-of-custody process.

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Eco-friendly secure paper shredding and recycling that provides for proper handling of discarded paper waste and helps keep it out of the landfill.
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Certified equipment destruction is the processing of discarded equipment in an eco-friendly manner, ensuring that data can't be recovered.
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Hard drive data wiping occurs when information that is stored on a hard drive is destroyed by multiple data overwrites, freeing the device for reuse.
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Hard Drive Shredding

Secure hard drive shredding completely obliterates laptop, PC, or other hard drives, rendering them unviable for reuse or data recovery.

The city of Irvine, located in Orange County, California, is developing at a rapid pace with real estate investors hastening to complete construction projects to meet the escalating demand for them. Simultaneously, one also notices a rising affluence as well as an increased diversity within the city’s demographics. Keeping these unique features of Irvine’s demographic structure in mind, we intend to provide the data destruction Irvine business establishments need.

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Irvine: Rapid Growth and Cultural Diversity

The US census has determined that Irvine’s population is at 258,386, of which 45.7 percent are Asian, 38.2 percent are White and 7 percent are Latino. Overall, 65 percent of Irvine’s residents have attended college and graduated, while the median home value is around $740,000. In a survey conducted by the FBI on American cities of similar sizes, Irvine laid claim to being the safest city of all.

Recycling and Green Living Matter to Irvine Residents and Businesses Alike

Irvine residents already have a variety of recycling alternatives made available to them by their city council. Recognizing that an eco-friendly way of life mattered to its residents, the council put in place services such as trash pickup every week and recycling of paper, newspaper, and cardboard.

In order to provide services such as residential trash collection, dumpster rentals, and recycling, a weekly deployment of 300 trucks from yards located in Santa Ana and Irvine, takes place.

A transfer station has been set up in Irvine city, which receives trash and recyclable materials from residents and locally based waste haulers. Employees at the station then sort through these materials and segregate items that can be recycled. Materials that cannot be recycled are placed on a tractor-trailer and sent to the landfill.

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Providing the Data Destruction Irvine Businesses Need

Although the city council of Irvine does provide a broad-based waste management and recycling service for residential households, data destruction services have not yet been made available to the corporate and business community at large. This is why we at Data Destruction Corporation have decided to get involved and make available the data destruction Irvine business establishments need. We offer a complete range of corporate-level services, including data destruction, IT asset disposition and recycling services. This is our attempt at providing the corporate community of Irvine with eco-friendly recycling options similar to those accessed by its residential households.

Optical media such as CDs and DVDs are still largely used as the means to transport and store confidential data, although their appeal has fallen to an extent, with the arrival of the USB flash drive. CDs and DVDs could thus store a large amount of sensitive information that would wreak havoc on a business establishment if it fell into the wrong hands. Hence, disposal of such optical media should be done in a secure manner using media shredding techniques.

Another facet of data destruction Irvine businesses will have a growing need for is SDD shredding. Recently, news stories on data breaches have abounded due to the new laws that mandate the reporting of such breaches. A data breach occurs when an organization is hacked or has had its hard drives stolen, and this event and its fallout are widely covered by all sections of the media. Such incessant coverage of cyber crimes has led some corporate establishments to focus their efforts solely on cybersecurity. Doing so jeopardizes sensitive information held in other forms, such as paper documents. Such paper documents, if disposed of incorrectly, could easily end up in the wrong hands. Hence, we advocate the use of confidential shredding to get rid of sensitive documents securely.

For more on how we can provide the data destruction Irvine business establishments need, get in touch with us today.

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